From: 55.00 

Day Climb – 08.00 AM / 08H00 | End – 06.00 PM / 18H00

Night Climb – 02.00 AM / 02H00 | End – 12.00 PM /12H00

Overnight Climb – 03.00 PM / 15H00 | End – 12.00 PM /12H00

The Island of Pico offers the opportunity to climb the highest mountain in Portugal, with 2351 meters of altitude!

Enjoy this adventure with the certainty of the safety of a certified guide and the promise of a unique experience!

Day Climb

Challenge your limits by climbing to the highest point in Portugal!

For this to be an enriching experience, we have guides with experience in this and some of the most interesting mountains in the World!

Night Climb 

The night ascent begins at dawn, so that the participants arrive at Piquinho (highest point of Pico) at dawn, and watch there the sunrise.

Overnight Climb

Do you accept the adventure of sleeping in the crater of a volcano? This is the proposed overnight climb. The climb takes place during the afternoon, so we can enjoy the sunset at the top of Portugal. During the night we sleep in camping tents inside the crater of the volcano, with a peaceful starry sky Awakening is done before the sunrise so we can enjoy a sunrise within reach of only a few privileged.

Includes: hotel pick-up from Madalena City Center, mountain access fee, certified mountain guide, insurance, walking sticks, sleeping bag, mattress, tent and lantern according to the chosen option;
Minimum required equipment: Mountain boots, comfortable and warm clothing, energetic food, water, backpack, and sunscreen;

Download Recommended equipment

Expected Duration

Day Climb: Approx. 10 hours / 8 km
Night Climb: 10 hours / 8 km
Overnight Climb: 20 hours / 8 km
Level of difficulty: Medium/hard (the participant must have good physical condition)

Minimum age: 6 years;

  • Forbidden to pacemaker patients and those who have dived in the previous 30 hours;
  • Customers without the minimum required equipment will be denied to climb the mountain;
  • Hotel pick-up is subject to availability; 
  • All types of climbs are subject to availability in the high season and to weather conditions. 

Schedule: Every Day

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