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The sea surrounding the Azores, in the Atlantic, is undoubtedly a prime location for those looking for fishing large ocean species. Choose your experience: 

Big Game Fishing

Recently reported on record the size of this beautiful species. Also enormous tuna pass through here in abundance, starting their journey from April on.
Also very common in our waters are the White Marlins and only a few Long-bill Spearfish.
Although they may be abundant, the swordfish is not normally caught by sport fishermen. Their fishing is done at night time and rarely during the day, so it is more the commercial fishing industry.
During our time out on the water you can expect visits from other species such as yellowfin Tuna, bigeye Tuna and huge Atlantic Bluefin Tuna.


Internationally known as “jigging” or “vertical jigging”, it has long been practiced in recreational fishing especially with certain species. Using this technique we can catch groupers, snappers, tuna or even beautiful golden.

Inshore fishing

This is one of our favorite types of fishing that is provided by our team. The charter will position itself near the coastline as we fish for several different species. There are many snappers, a painted moray or even a stunning grouper found of the shore line. This option of fishing can be done during the day but also at dusk and evening.

Trolling fishing

The troll fishing is indicated for catching predatory fish, but it is customary in trolling a fish of another species, eg beaked that is close by and feel the vibrations, attack the fish that is caught by drawing in half. Sometimes when the fish is larger comes to the boat’s edge with the fish caught in the jaws. 

Includes: Licences, instructors/skippers, insurance and snacks with drinks; 
Not included: Hotel transportation; 
Minimum required equipment: Swimsuit, towel, hat and sunscreen; 
Start: Flexible.
* Subject to weather conditions.